Wedding Reception

We have been up to the eyes with packing boxes ever since our wedding on 7th August and won’t get settled till early September. However, I just didn’t want to leave it any longer to say thanks a million for the wonderful celebration you organised for our wedding day.

All of our guests without exception have commented on the high quality of the Princess Caroline – including the food and support from your staff.  I loved Captain Graham’s blessing and had no idea about “tying the knot” which was amazing.  It was great to see everyone dancing to the DJ afterwards as well.  Dean and I both knew that the food and everything on the Princess Caroline would be excellent (we never forgot those wonderful aromas from our first meeting with you) but, even so, we couldn’t believe just how wonderful our day was and every single photograph shows us grinning like Cheshire cats.

Thank you so much for making our special day absolutely perfect beyond words.