Wedding Reception

We wanted to write and say thank you to all of you for helping to make our wedding on October 10th truly special.

We had a great feeling about the Princess Caroline and her crew before we set foot on board and once we did come aboard we knew that’s where we’d be having our wedding reception. Planning the reception was incredibly easy and it was nice to feel relaxed about the preparations, knowing that so much of it was being taken care of.

It was also great to know that you were genuinely committed to making sure that us and our guests had a fantastic time. We had a tight budget for the wedding and you worked with us to make the day wonderful and special without it costing a fortune.

The day itself couldn’t have gone better – the food was lovely, the boat itself was beautiful and everybody on board was so friendly and helpful. Most, if not all, of our guests told us on the day (several times in some cases) how much they were enjoying themselves and the ones we’ve spoken to since have said what wonderful day it was.

One or two have even made a point of telling us that they’d told all their other friends what a great time they had. Quite often the extra little touches can make a big difference and tell you everything you need to know about somebody and so it was when the flowers we’d ordered for our mothers failed to turn up. Despite the extremely short notice and the time of day (early evening by this point), you managed to save the situation and get hold of two lovely bunches of flowers and no one but us was any the wiser.

We had an image in our minds of what we wanted our wedding day to be like and it was as close to perfect as it’s possible to be. It goes without saying that the Princess Caroline and her crew were a huge part of that and we’re happily recommending her to anyone and everyone. We’re looking forward to coming on board again in the future – maybe for an anniversary.

Take care and thanks and best wishes to all of you.