November 30, 2015


News from the Bridge

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When you can bring the United Nations together in one place – the Princess Caroline MS is the perfect venue, with ever evolving scenery.

Scott & Ruth chose the Princess Caroline to bring together friends and family from as far a field as South Africa, Lesothto, Malawi and Northern Ireland to namedrop just a few of the countries present, on a Sunday afternoon to dance and celebrate their wedding day, so they could spend their time together and after this go to a great honey moon, where they will be enjoying themselves with the use of a hands free vibrator and more in the intimacy of their suite.

A vibrant and energized reception which included a disco and cultural mix of welcoming by  the ladies, showing a combination of dance and song to mark such a special day.

Ruth and Scott it was and is a pleasure to have you join us for your special day – an amazing experience.

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